17th of June, 2006


6 p. m.


Hotel Korana - Srakovčić
Adresse: Perivoj Josipa Vrbanića 8
47000 Karlovac
Tel.: 00385 - 47 / 60 90 90
Fax.: 00385 - 47 / 60 90 91


Rooms at the Hotel Korana can be booked until the 30th of April for a reduced price.
The code word you need is "Wedding Pleskina/Schramke".
Please reserve the rooms directly with the hotel.

Prices: DZ: 723 Kuna/98 Euro without balcony, 782 Kuna/106 Euro w/ Balcony
EZ: 621 Kuna/84 Euro without balcony, 663 Kuna/90 Euro w/ balcony

Contact: Hotel Korana - Srakovčić
Address: Perivoj Josipa Vrbanića 8
47000 Karlovac
Tel.: 00385 - 47 / 60 90 90
Fax.: 00385 - 47 / 60 90 91

The hotel has a small bathing beach at the river Korana as well a Spa/wellness center.
Don't forget your bathing suits.




Tourist Information (Turist info):

Turistička zajednica karlovačke županije,
Ambroza Vraniczanya 6, 47000 Karlovac
Tel.: 00385 - 47 / 615-320, Fax: 00385 - 47 / 601-415
E-mail: info@tzkz.hr

Turistička zajednica grada Karlovca,
Petra Zrinskog 3

Turistički informativni centar, tel: 00385 - 47 / 600-606
(derzeit noch nur in Kroatisch)
E-mail: karlovac-touristinfo@ka.htnet.hr

How to find Karlovac

By Car (from Munich/München):

Option A: Highway via Zagreb (Fast)

Option B: Direct way via country roads (interesting)

In Karlovac (from Zagreb):

Please note:

in Austria you have to pay a Highway Toll
(you can buy the needed sticker at any gas station in southern Bavaria or right at the entry into Austria)
and you have to keep a safety vest in your car in case of accidents.

In Croatia you have to pay a highway toll at toll stations at the end of each highway.

In Austria, Slovenia and now also in Croatia you have to turn on the car lights during the day.

By Plane

(from anywhere)

The nearest airport is Zagreb (ZAG).

Airlines that serve Zagreb are e. g.

You can find a list at: www.croatia.hr/arrival/  or www.zagreb-airport.hr

International car rental companies such as AVIS, Sixt etc. can be found at Zagreb airport.
Air condition is recommended in summer

Coming from the airport Zagreb, follow the highway signs.
At the highway entry look for the Karlovac direction and follow it (then see above)

General Informationen on Croatia:

Please check whether you need a visa. It is not very likely as it is a tourist destination but be sure to check it.
At www.mfa.hr (Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) you might find the information you need.

Local currency is the Kuna, 1 Kuna consists of 100 Lipa.
The exchange rate is floating with the Euro and usually is about 7,5 Kuna = 1 Euro.

: www.croatia.hr